Clear up your walkways with the Safari Cycle. Capable of holding six adults and two small children, the Safari Cycle is compact and allows children to be elevated for a better view, enhancing the zoo experience for everyone.

Reducing Congestion

We can create easy-to-follow maps to mount on the Safari Cycle dashboard.  These attractive zoo property layouts encourage one-way traffic flow, further helping to alleviate congestion.

"You can ride the Safari Cycles around ... it's GREAT exercise!  They're also shaded  so they're a great alternative to walking in the zoo on a hot day."         
 -  Ana Cristina P., Miami, FL

○    Hands-on Rider Safety Training for            zoo staff

○    Clear & Simple signage posted at              sign-out counter

○    Helmets & Locks available at no                charge

○    Safari Cycles are geared low for slow,        easy pedaling